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2013 Eagle Scout Workbook (You need to save the workbook locally to view it)

Troop 007 Past Eagle Projects

Click on the Scout's names to go to their Eagle Project Pages.

Cameron Brown: Backpacks for the homeless

Aaron Brent: Life Essentials Packs 

Alex Woodhead:  Inner City Church Landscaping Rehab

Alex Wright : Outdoor Worship Center Rehab

Tom Condron: Building Prayer Garden- Tom led a project to build a prayer garden at the St. Alphonsus Cemetery, focused around a Virgin Mary statue set on a pedestal. A patio of pavers with a diameter of 14 feet surrounds the statue, with plantings near the rear half of the patio.

Will Connor: Archery Target Stand Construction- Four archery target stands were constructed at the Damascus Izaak Walton League in addition to the couple that were initially there.

Robel Daniel: Church Pathway Construction- Robel and his volunteers built a path outside of the Orthodox Church of St. Matthew.

Alex Hanon: Howard County Conservancy Nature Play Area Improvement- Alex's project included 3 main parts which would expand and improve the children's nature play area at the Howard County Conservancy. The project included assembling and installing a wooden bench for parents to watch their kids in the play area, installing mushroom-like seats surrounding a decaying tree trunk, and attaching magnifying glasses to the trunk for the children to explore and identify insects that have made the trunk their home.

Chris Conover: Clothing Donation Closet Component Construction & Restoration- Chris worked to restore and add components for the Grace Community Church Clothing Donation Closet. This included building multiple cubby systems for storage bins that were cracking under the weight of others, creating a large external storage unit that doubles as a working table, reinforcing and reorganizing existing shelves, creating new distribution dividers when the church is at one of their numerous giveaway drives, building movable wheeled platforms to move heavy bins/boxes, and buying new sturdy storage bins that will not break.

Matt Bishop: Bat House Construction- Matt worked to assemble wooden bat houses, then set the bottom of mounting posts in concrete at Western Regional and Warfield Pond.

Ryan Condron: Flagstone Path Construction & Repair at Howard County Conservancy- Ryan led a project at the Howard County Conservancy to construct a new flagstone path, as well as, repair an existing one.

Jake Wright: Glenelg High School Batting Cage Refurbishing- Jake's project was to refurbish Glenelg Hisg School's batting cage. He removed the existing one, and replaced it with a brand new one. He also added a drainage field under the cage and installed artificial turf inside the area of the cage.

Eddie Taylor: Lyme Disease Awareness- Eddie worked with Howard County Parks and Recreation to raise awareness of Lyme Disease as Howard County has recorded the second highest number of Lyme Disease in Maryland. He first distributed brochures detailing Lyme disease transmission mechanisms, symptoms, effects, and prevention to Howard County facilities. Posters were then created, highlighting the same information in the brochures, which were hung in Howard County Parks. The last part of hos project was the creation of an educational video for Howard County residents which was posted on the Howard County Parks and Recreation Website. See the brochure, poster and video.