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Maine High Adventure

In the Summer of 2010  two crews from our Troop went to Maine High Adventure... for a 6 and a 8 day expedition in the Northern Central Wilderness of Maine.
 The Eight Day drew climbed Mount Katahdin using the trail called Cathedral Walk -- which was wasn't at a walk at all --- it was a 1 mile mountain hike of which 3,300 feet of it was a 4-point crawl ( on both hands and both knees) to the summit --- 1 mile high... however it was heavenly... the views were spectacular and the challenge was invigorating... 

More about Maine High Adventure can be found on their website at:

(The picture slide show is our first attempt at a Google Picasa Slide show.. This was based on Snapshots grabbed form videos and the qulity is not very high... The ^ -day crew shots are based on shots form a camera and are much better.... The Troop 007 Web Site Team...)

8 Day Crew (Climbed Mt. Katadin)

Miane High Adventure 8 Day crew

 6 Day Crew

Maine High Adventure - 6 Day Crew